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India Today | Indian traditional food
Welcome to India Today Bar & Grill Restaurant. We are very excited to share our unique traditional Indian food recipes. We are committed to offering traditional, fresh Indian food; thereby no artificial flavors, food colorants or preservatives are used in our dishes. Our goal is to bring regional dishes from around India with a new flavor to our customers. India Today is ensuring all precautionary steps to make the service and delivery healthy and hygienic.

Chicken tikka masala: Delightful with Indian traditional food recipes

Chicken tikka masala with creamy and flavorsome rivals any Indian restaurant. This Chicken Tikka Masala with aromatic golden chicken pieces cooked in the tandoor, diced then served in a mild masala sauce. Our Indian food recipes are one of the best you will try with our special offer.

Palak Paneer

When we talking about green food then we must say about North Indian most traditional and loved food palak paneer. Palak paneer is usually eaten with roti, paratha, garlic naan, ghee rice and plain basmati rice. Palak paneer is an easy and healthy recipe. Palak mainly came from the Hindi word and paneer came from Indian cottage cheese simmered in a smooth creamy and delicious spinach gravy. Our chef has not balanced the spinach to prevent loss of nutrients. Most of the palak paneer recipe in India they are not balanced spinach. Our chef made all the recipes a healthy way. India today ensure you tasty and healthy food.